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5 Ways Vedic Astrology can help us Find the Courage to Communicate Fearlessly.

5 Ways Vedic Astrology can help us Find the Courage to Communicate Fearlessly.


Communication has all the time been troublesome for me.

I grew up on the excessive aspect of shy and introverted, bursting into tears at the slightest signal of confrontation. My distinctive lack of self-confidence prolonged into all different areas of my life—from making associates to dancing at events.

It was not a sustainable method to reside.

Communication was, and nonetheless is, an artwork and a battle for me. I don’t imply small speak and informal dialog—I’m speaking about fearless, real expression.

I’m speaking about the guts to inform somebody what’s actually on our thoughts. About sharing a uncooked, unseasoned chunk of our soul. About wanting somebody in the eye and exposing our coronary heart.

There’s little question these of us who’ve achieved the feat of genuine communication have reached a completely new degree of being. It’s referred to as “not-caring-what-other-people-think-of-us”—in different phrases, braveness. However that sh*t is tough.

We can all agree that dealing with our fears and creating braveness is tough. So how can we do it? Mary Schmich wrote, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” For many of us, this recommendation is neither accessible nor particular sufficient to successfully put to use in our lives.

Dealing with fears isn’t one thing that’s simply achieved. It’s one thing that’s practiced.

So, I began writing. From foolish poems to faculty essays, the scratches of my pen throughout paper tore away at my shell, one letter at a time.

And my transformation didn’t cease there. Via actions like studying new artwork types, a brand new language, a brand new musical instrument, and journey, my braveness continued to flourish. I wasn’t conscious of the connection at first. I keep in mind a vaguely speedy transition from shy outcast to extravagantly dressed teenager with a good friend group and boyfriends.

However once I started to research Vedic Astrology, I noticed why writing had influenced my life in such a approach.

I additionally discovered some excellent news: lots of us are already training how to develop braveness each day with out even understanding it. Communication and braveness are two ideas that we wouldn’t instantly assume relate to each other. Nevertheless, from the perspective of Vedic Astrology, they’ve such a robust and direct relationship that they’re positioned in the similar home.

An astrological “house” is a whole area of life, like profession, relationships, or house. Every of those domains is chargeable for a number of points, qualities, virtues, and actions—all of that are innately interconnected. In Vedic Astrology, the third home guidelines each communication and braveness, in addition to willpower, writing, associates, hobbies, and creativity. Their connection is so deep that not solely are these points thought-about a part of the similar area, however engaged on one facet will instantly enhance the others.

Under are a number of ideas for studying to talk fearlessly and discover our braveness:

1. Write as a gateway.

“To strengthen the 3rd house, start writing letters, short essays, keep a diary, do something related to literature.” ~ Rami Bleckt, psychologist, Vedic astrologer, and writer of The 12 Homes Of Destiny

The only purpose for this innate connection between communication and braveness is that communication already requires a degree of braveness. The distinction is, this braveness is in a delicate type. Most of us don’t develop up leaping out of airplanes or hitchhiking cross-country. We develop up studying to converse, socialize, and write—actions we achieve this naturally that we’re not often acutely aware of once we name upon our braveness to carry out them.

Sorry, Mary Schmich, I disagree. As an alternative I say, write one factor day-after-day that scares you.

In a delicate means, writing is a follow of cultivating braveness as a result of it forces us to put ourselves on the market, even when we’re writing for our eyes solely. Our fearful ideas are protected and sound in our head, however in the strategy of writing we’re pressured to confront them.

“Writing took my vulnerability, courage, and confidence to a different level,” says Shruthi Krishnaswamy, who’s a yoga instructor, artist, singer, and author. “Writing about specific incidences in my life that are tragic but powerful made me feel like an indestructible warrior, and this gave rise to an even more confident me.”

Lots of us, as writers, have skilled the cathartic launch that comes with writing down our ideas, whether or not in an article or a journal. It’s because taking our fears out of our head and placing them on paper creates a degree of detachment—a way of separation that exhibits us that we aren’t our fears.

2. Study a brand new phrase day-after-day.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my universe.” ~ Goethe

Begin easy. Growing our vocabulary is the easiest method to develop our potential to talk. Everyone knows what it looks like to wrestle to discover the proper phrases. Typically it leads to a insecurity.

Increasing the attain of our language permits us to categorical ourselves with confidence and conviction. Ten new vocabulary phrases later, we might discover ourselves in a position to relay new emotions, ideas, and ideas on a deeper and extra profound degree.

three. End what you began.

“In Vedic thought the third is a martial house…[it shows] our will and ambition…along with our courage and boldness.” ~ Dr. David Frawley, from Astrology of the Seers

Bringing our tasks to completion takes willpower and willpower, two extra points of the third home that instantly improve our degree of braveness.

Regardless of how massive or small the enterprise, seeing it by means of to the finish takes confidence and a few quantity of danger—success isn’t a assure. We don’t know if we’ll make a superb impression at that interview. We don’t know if our new design enterprise will take off. We don’t know if anybody will like, and even learn, our newest weblog submit.

However we go for it anyway. And even when we fail, we’re all the extra assured and brave as a result of we overcame each thought telling us to give up.

four. Go on a visit.

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” ~ Dalai Lama

The third home additionally guidelines brief travels.

After I graduated highschool, I took a niche yr and left the nation for six months to journey by way of Asia, utterly on my own.

I immersed myself in new cultures, individuals, customs, and languages. I discovered there have been many various methods to talk, and it pushed my boundaries. I got here again disillusioned with the cultural boundaries of the society I grew up in, which gave me braveness to escape of them.

Rami Bleckt writes, “Short travels give us detachment. By traveling, one gets to see how other people live, that there are problems everywhere, and in this way gains perspective on the world and life as a whole.”

Once we go someplace we now have by no means been earlier than, we mechanically push the boundaries of attachment to our preconceived notions, that are created from worry, from the tendency to label the unknown and make it appear recognized.

5. Create one thing.

“Notice that creativity and courage are in the same house. What does this tell you?…Creative people must take risks. And they do take risks—they are constantly working, making new projects, implementing new ideas.” ~ Rami Bleckt

Writing is only one type of creativity, and its impact stretches over all different artistic arts and ventures. Comparable to writing, artists put themselves on the market with no notion of how their creations will probably be acquired. There’s all the time a danger issue, whether or not evident or delicate, and this danger helps our braveness develop.

Artwork and creativity are simply different types of self-expression. And as we now know, the extra we apply expressing ourselves, the extra fearless we develop into. So let’s sketch a cartoon, paint a portrait, sew that cute skirt, or write that track that’s been enjoying by means of our heads all day.

Communication is an artwork and a battle. As writers, artists, vacationers, and entrepreneurs, we might by no means have realized how deep an impact our craft has on our braveness. Regardless of which technique of communication and self-expression we select, we’re nicely on our method to turning into brave, assured warriors.

And as Rami Bleckt concludes, the most necessary half to keep in mind is, “[Communication] starts on a spiritual level—understanding that each person is a manifestation of the Divine.”


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