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Dec. 21 – Aliens First Christmas – A Cartoon Christmas

Unique Air Date: NOVEMBER 12, 1991

Set within the yr 2027, three humans originally from Earth now stay on the planet Zolonia. Unfortunately for the Peoples household, Christmas isn’t celebrated on Zolonia.

Ah, sure. November 12, 1991. I keep in mind it fondly. Truly, I was just 1 year- previous and about to experience my second ever Christmas and have zero recollection of the entire state of affairs. Nevertheless, that didn’t cease the fantastic (Canadian) individuals at Perennial Footage from showcasing the second pilot episode of their planned Aliens Next Door collection on the Disney Channel, where it aired only as soon as.

Soon after its preliminary airing,  Aliens First Christmas was forged into public domain purgatory. Sadly, the proposed collection, Aliens Subsequent Door, was by no means green-lit to exist as a frequently televised program. At the moment, copies of each pilot episodes could also be present in discount bins and/or dollar shops.

Directed by Jerry Reynolds and Russ Harris, Alien’s First Christmas was just one among a handful of similarly (cheaply) produced specials by the 2 men together with Jolly Previous St. Nicholas, O Christmas Tree, Deck the Halls, Jingle Bell Rap, and something referred to as The Three Fishketeers. Reynolds and Harris also lend their writing, music, and voice-acting skills to Alien’s First Christmas.


Zolonia, in all its purple and orange glory

As a way to modify to their new environment, the Peoples family determine to embellish for Christmas in the traditional Earth sense.

The Peoples. They’re individuals. Apart from the space-dog.

Roger Peoples frantically runs around his yard, shouting orders to some kind of cosmic UPS employee who’s carrying a large field.

Ah man, he’s so fat, unhappy, and cute

Listening to the commotion, the human’s neighbors Mavo and Charlick Zox step outdoors to research the state of affairs.

The Zox couple, persevering with the TV development of a horny wife and her chunky-yet-funny husband

Roger begins to get annoyed and calls for to have the box lowered.

Watch for it…

Look forward to it…

Comedy gold

Despite virtually being crushed to demise, the Peoples are excited to receive their new shipment of Christmas decorations.

“No, I’m not Elroy Jetson”

Apparently, Roger doesn’t consider Zolonian electricity will be capable of power the Earth-native decorations appropriately and decides to create a particular generator contraption.

“Yep, this looks safe and practical”

Despite the doubts of both his wife and his neighbors, Roger connects a strand of Christmas lights as much as the machine and powers it on.

“Fuck you. I know what I’m doing.”

Within seconds, the machine goes haywire.

Did anybody really anticipate this to work?

Everyone seems to put in writing off this incident until shit actually hits the fan.

Fran having regrets about her marriage

Sparks emit from the monstrosity and destroys the field of decorations earlier than finally destroying itself.

Christmas is ruined

Tears are shed. Fran declares that Christmas is ruined.

The explosion briefly causes everyone to turn out to be African-American/African-Zolonian

In one of the crucial miserable and humorous strains of dialogue ever spoken (intently following Stu Pickles’ famously dark “I’ve lost control of my life” line from Rugrats), Roger laments over the fact that he “blew up Christmas.” Shortly after, Elroy Benny sits inside his residence, hating his own existence.

“One day I shall have my revenge”

In an try and cheer up her son, Fran brings in a tray of Christmas cookies. Yet, because of the damn Zolonian ovens, the cookies are principally rocks.

“I think there’s acid in these”

So after his generator failed, Roger is decided to salvage the vacation and sets out to seek out presents for his family.

What’s more ridiculous: The pinball mode of transportation or that tree?

Roger travels to the Zolonian Mall in hopes of finding presents.

As soon as again, seems protected and practical

Roger discovers two presents he finds sufficient: A purple hat for his spouse and a inexperienced ball for his son. Too dangerous he’s in a Zolonian pet store and each of this stuff are alive. To prime it off, these specific animals are mortal enemies. Roger doesn’t know this, though.

“Yes, my family will definitely forget that I ruined Christmas when they see what wonderful goods I have purchased for them!”

Sneaking back residence, Roger contemplates the best way to get the presents inside with out his family noticing. Meanwhile, Fran brings a second batch of “cookies” to her son. Although the cookies truly seem like cookies this time, Benny reacts in a extra disgusted manner than when he ate the rocks.

“She never brings me cookies…”

Roger continues to ponder on find out how to sneak the “hat” and “ball” inside.

“I am a poor consumer”

Earlier than he hatches an concept, the beasts escape from his grasp and chase each other throughout the yard.

Not a hat at all

The “gifts” run away leaving Roger empty-handed. He then dissolves right into a tantrum of manic rage, melancholy, and laughter.

“I am crazy”

Next door, the Zox couple feels sorry for the Peoples. Mavo comes up with an concept to offer their neighbors an Earth Christmas expertise.

Only a normal night with the Zox family

Time passes and Mavo and Charlick provide you with some concepts.

One thing about this residence makes me really feel uneasy

Charlick decides to dress up as “Santa Clocks” as Mavo begins work on decorations match for a “Hairy Christmas.”

The Zox couple is basically into position play

Displaying nice perseverance, the Peoples household be a part of together and sing Christmas carols outdoors. Simply because there are not any ornament, presents, edible treats, or smiles doesn’t mean it’s not Christmas.

“I get knocked down, but I get up again…”

Too dangerous their other neighbors try to sleep and get pissed on the singing. One neighbor particularly decides probably the most rational thing to do is sick a rabid space-dog on the Peoples.

Area Cujo

The Peoples climb a tree, narrowly escaping the jaws of demise.

“What a dick”

Elsewhere, the Zox couple has managed to sneak inside the Peoples’ residence and adorn the interior with festive objects.

Hearth hazard

The showpiece of their efforts is a “spine tree.” A little darkish, maybe, however let’s roll with it.


As Mavo and Charlick are ready to gloat over their pleasant gesture, Mavo trips over a books and discovers footage that reveal the reality behind the Christmas decorations.


Embarrassed, Mavo finds that she and her husband have misinterpreted the entire state of affairs. Before she is ready to tear down their ornamentation, the Peoples return house.

“Pine tree? That’s not logical.”

Mavo provides an excuse to Roger in an effort to forestall the Peoples from discovering what a horrible individual she is.

“Bitch, step aside”

The place’s Charlick you ask? He’s within the yard digging gap using a backyard hoe, exclaiming, “Ho Ho Ho.”

Get it?

Roger sees by way of Mavo’s bluff and goes inside his house. Despite being upset, the Peoples are flattered by their neighbor’s attempts. Then, it begins to snow outdoors.

Snow? On Zolonia? How might this be?

Dashing outside, the households come upon extra cheer. There’s a giant Christmas tree, adorned magnificently.

Not manufactured from bones

Apparently it doesn’t normally snow on Zolonia, illustrated by Mavo shivering like a madwoman.

Unsure if chilly or having meth withdrawals

Roger finds presents for everybody beneath the magical tree, even Mavo and Charlick.

“Now my family won’t abandon me!”

Regardless of not understanding the place the tree and presents got here from, everyone is overjoyed.

“I hope I get The Jetsons DVD set this year!”

However who might have induced all of this pleasure and magic?


Santa and his reindeer fly overhead, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

“Thanks, you crazy old man!”

Thus, the Christmas spirit is salvaged. Even on distant planets, Santa proves he possesses limitless power.

Benny gets revenge on his father by way of snowball

Cue laughter amongst the characters because the digital camera pans upward into the snowy sky.

Santa might care less concerning the other houses on Zolonia

All in all, Alien’s First Christmas manages to showcase the Christmas spirit and the bonds between household and neighbors in an honest manner. On reflection, the whole thing just seems to be missing polish when it comes to animation and a way of plot progression. Although it might be removed from being thought-about a vacation basic, AFC was still capable of put the wheels in movement when it comes to my own vacation spirit and I look ahead to viewing extra specials all through the month.

Except for Roger at one point explaining Christmas as a spiritual Earth vacation, no different point out of Christ is clear.

Though it took almost all the runtime for the precise Santa to point out up on display, Mr. Kringle ended up saving the day and solidifying the holiday spirit. Charlick’s depiction of “Santa Clocks” could also be earnest, yet finally leaves something to be desired.

Where it might lack in any type of WOW issue, AFC continues to be capable of at the very least slowly inject the yuletide fever into my veins and persuade me to dive right into more numerous elements of the holiday season.

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Alien’s First Christmas is accessible for purchase on Amazon in each VHS and DVD. You may as well find Aliens Subsequent Door on VHS.