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Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measure Review

Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measure Review

By Robert Robillard on Software Evaluations

Crecent Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measures

By Ralph Mroz

A tape measure is in fact one of the crucial used tools for any tradesperson, especially carpenters. Utilizing one that is as close to good on your work is likely one of the little issues that make the work go smoothly…whereas one that’s aggravating, even in a small means, over time turns into a real thorn in your aspect.

Earlier Head-to-Head Testing

In fact there are a whole lot of tape measures from dozens of producers and I haven’t dealt with all of them, however I’ve labored with a lot of the fashionable ones from the most important manufacturers. Rob and the crew did an in depth check in April of 2018 of a few of the most popular tape measures and the Lufkin entry got here in robust.  Lufkin lately launched the ShockForce tape measures they usually’re probably the most good tape measure that I’ve found for me (in a 25-feet length).  Right here’s why.

Shockforce 25 Foot Tape

Measurement The Shockforce 25-feet tape measures have a 1 3/16 inch blade if flat, 1 1/16 inch vast blade when normally curled.  This can be a puts them into the broad tape category, which is what most of us want for non-finish work.  Most extensive 25-feet tape measures feel uncomfortably giant in my dead-average measurement hand (based on the U.S. army).  Evaluating the size of the Shockforce to its rivals exhibits that the precise differences are pretty small, but the effect within the hand is noticeable.

The Shockforce still feels giant nevertheless it’s not uncomfortable.  Because of this I don’t should jigger my thumb round each time I need to lock the blade, which I have to with most different 25-foot tapes. Also the Shockforce 25-feet tapes have a true 3-inch bottom width, making inside readings straightforward and retaining the unit compact.

Massive Fixed Numbers

Massive, constant numbers The Shockforce tape measures have giant, daring numbers along their whole size.  Many different tapes have giant numbers only along the first foot, after which they modify to smaller, much less bold numbers for the remainder of the size — why, I do not know.

The massive bold numbers of the Shockforce make studying inches straightforward, simpler still for older eyes (or anybody sporting glasses), and make misreading harder (what number of occasions have you thought you measured, say, 55 5/8-inches whenever you truly measured 54 5/8-inches?).  Also, the massive inch measurements are the first mark for the whole tape — that is, the first markings don’t change to feet-and-inches after the first foot as they do with so many different tapes.  E

xcept for certain specific issues (like doors), inches, quite than feet-and-inches, is the best way most of us call off a measurement in our heads (it’s easier to recollect “inches-fraction” then it’s to recollect “feet-inches-fraction”).


Ruggedness The ruggedness of a tape measure is often specified as what number of ft it could possibly drop, or what number of drops it could take, onto some exhausting surface.  Whereas real world relevant, each of these measures are often more anecdotal than actual knowledge.  You must do an awful lot of drops with a purpose to insure that the unit hit the floor from each potential angle, a number of occasions.

Crescent (Lufkin’s mother or father firm) cites five experiments that it did, dropping the Shockforce (I assume the 25-feet version) onto asphalt and onto metal plate from ten ft (one story, kind of).  They got here up with over 140 drops onto asphalt before the unit broke, and over 200 onto metal plate (why metal plate can be extra forgiving than asphalt, I can’t say).  This is way more drops to failure than they measured for his or her foremost rivals.

100-Foot Drop Check

Additionally they state plainly that the Shockforce has withstood 100-feet drops (unsure onto what – something can be impressive) a number of occasions throughout its improvement.  My own experiment wound up with a fractured (but useable) unit after five approximately 25-feet (two story) drops onto asphalt (on a 40-degree day).

Now, I feel it’s asking an awful lot of a tape measure to not break after a couple one-story falls onto one thing exhausting, so I’m impressed by all of these outcomes.  Notice that another Lufkin tape measure did quite properly within the drop teststhat ToolBoxBuzz did earlier.  Bottom line for me is that I’m quite glad that the Shockforce tape measures will not be unduly fragile, and can in all probability last longer than many different quality tapes given exactly the same abuse.

Tick-Mark Markings

Tick-mark markings The Shockforce tapes assume that you simply’re an grownup, they usually function normal tick markings for fractional-inch readings (the models are also normal 16th inches, not busy 32nd inches).

I discover the so-called “fractional readout” tapes — with the actual fractions printed on them:

  1. Too busy to learn,
  2. Insulting to my intelligence,
  3. Depressing as a result of they indicate we’re elevating a era too silly to read a daily ruler.

Lufkin Tape Measure Standout

14-feet standout Lufkin makes an enormous deal concerning the Shockforce’s 14-feet standout.  I wasn’t capable of get rather more than 12-feet (with the physique angled upward at about 15 levels).  I assume that underneath controlled circumstances 14-feet is achievable (Lufkin couldn’t make the claim otherwise) however I’m not terribly affected person.  So for me, beneath normal working circumstances, 12 ft it is, which is longer than any tape that the crew tested.  It signifies that if I take a short step and prolong my arm I can simply hook one thing 16-feet away; I can’t anticipate greater than that!

Lufkin Hook Design

Giant, tough finish hook The Shockforce features a pretty big finish hook with a tough texture.  The hook extends both down and up from the tape and supplies hooking means in full 360-degrees.  The rough texture of the hook means that it’ll stay put on places the place a shiny one wouldn’t.  I’ve heard criticism of tapes with giant top-and-bottom hooks as being not appropriate for exact finish work.  Properly, no kidding!  In case you’re doing finish, trim, or cabinet work, there are higher measuring instruments — that’s why there’s such quite a lot of tape measures available on the market.  In any case, it’s a rare day if you’re jumping forwards and backwards, from minute to minute, between framing and trim.

Rubberized body Shockforce bodies have a hard rubberized really feel to them.  I assume this materials helps to soak up shock from falls, however to me its primary profit is that it keeps the unit snug in your hand on scorching sweaty days.  Also, it doesn’t slide around on clean surfaces as easily as a slick physique does.

Blade Finish

Matte end blade No shiny surface to mirror the solar again into your eyes.  The matte end blade makes reading the tape straightforward.

What’s The Pivot Gap For?

Pivot hole Ever have to draw an arch?  It’s straightforward with the Shockforce: just locate the middle of the circle, drive a nail via the pivot hole there, prolong the blade to the length of the radius (minus Three-inches), hold your pencil to the tape’s finish hook, and draw.

Two Sided Blade!

Two sided blade The again aspect of the Shockforce blades have marks oriented for vertical reading, making vertical measurements easier to take, particularly over your head.

Low-Mild Visibility

Low mild version The Nite Eye version of the Shockforce options safety inexperienced markings on a matte black blade.  This type of light-on-dark printing known as “knockout” printing within the printing business, and it’s long been recognized that knockout print is simpler to read for small amounts of text resembling found on indicators, ebook titles, and so on.  The only purpose that the Nite Eye tape could seem harder to learn at first is just that you simply’re so used to reading regular black-on-yellow tapes.  However in low mild, the Nite Eye shines.  Utilizing each variations of the Shockforce 25-feet tapes in a dark room illuminated only by a small night time mild, once my eyes acquired dark-adapted the Nite Eye green-on-black tape was readable in darkish corners where the common model wasn’t.  That is the tape measure I’d take right into a dimly lit attic, cellar, or crawl area.

Belt Clip

Belt clip The belt clip on the Shockforce is an effective compromise between power and ease of use.  It provides sufficient to simply clip onto a daily work belt with one hand, and to strengthened entrance pockets of work pants more often than not — having to tie up two palms to do that is clumsy and interrupts the move.  Clipping the unit onto my belt within the appendix place, the Shockforce stayed in place once I bent over, knelt down, and so on. (although I didn’t do a protracted polka or jig in those positions).  I often use a pouch to carry my tape measure because it’s a lot easier, but for these occasions once you aren’t utilizing a device belt or apron and need to make do, this belt clip looks like a superb design.

Tape Lock

Straightforward thumb lock The blade lock on the Shockforce is a standard up/down affair.  What makes this one nice to make use of is that it operates easily.  It’s each a ache in the butt and work-flow inefficient when a blade lock takes the drive of 20 mules to operate it.  My choice is for an autolock on a tape measure, however I understand that that’s a spiritual opinion, and a standard lock that operates as simply as this one does is simply as acceptable in my e-book.

General Ideas

That’s the listing of Lufkin’s Shockforce features, and why I like this tape measure so much.  The Shockforce doesn’t have a finger brake, but most of us unconsciously brake a retracting blade with the index finger of the hand holding the unit, or the thumb and fingers of the other hand, so I don’t contemplate this function crucial.  In reality, I often overlook to use it when tapes have it.

Notice that I didn’t handle longevity because, nicely, I couldn’t.  Everybody’s work, work fashion, and work day is totally different; everyone works in several environments and treats their tools in a different way.  And accidents (like drops) aren’t predictable.  So how long the Shockforce would last for me before failure doesn’t translate to how lengthy it might final for you.  Plus, I didn’t need to wait a yr or 5 to write down this evaluate. That is truly the function that’s least essential to me.  A tape measure is cheap and it’s in your arms so much each day.  I’d somewhat have one that I appreciated quite a bit and lasted an inexpensive amount of time than one I didn’t like but lasted twice as long.

Right now the Shockforce collection is available in 16-, 25-, and 35-feet lengths, in conventional or Nite Eye blade colours, and in English or mixed metric/English models.  I’ll guess more are on the best way.