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The Landlord’s Hot Water Heater Buying Guide

Discovering the appropriate scorching water heater on your rental property isn’t as straightforward it seems. There are lots of varieties and features to think about. It may be complicated.

The greatest scorching water heater in your private house is probably not one of the best scorching water heater in your rental property.  It’s essential contemplate the acquisition from a landlord’s perspective.

I used to be lately out there for a scorching water heater so I did some analysis that my I knew my readers might use. I looked at all of the totally different choices and created this landlord’s guide to scorching water heaters.

On this article I will:

  • Outline an important criteria when selecting a scorching water heater on your rental property
  • Break down the several types of scorching water heaters and which of them are greatest fitted to rentals
  • Evaluate the key scorching water heater features you want and which of them to avoid as a landlord
  • Record a number of accessories landlords might need to contemplate when putting in their subsequent scorching water heater

Let’s get began!

Gasoline Supply

The first standards in choosing a scorching water heater is determining which gasoline source you will use. It will typically depend upon availability of gasoline sources in your area as well as your rental’s development.

Where attainable, I extremely advocate using a pure fuel line as your gasoline supply as it has a number of advantages for rental properties over different gasoline sources.

Listed here are a number of of the Execs and Cons of every sort of gasoline source:

AvailabilityCompatibilityExecsConsPure FuelExtensivelyStorage Tank, Tankless, Combo Heaters• Inexpensive gasoline costs
• Runs even in blackout
• Quicker heating• Complicated set up
• Greater initial valuePropane FuelExtensivelyStorage Tank, Tankless, Combo Heaters• Can be utilized anyplace
• Extra power than Natural Fuel
• Quicker heating• Greater value than Pure Fuel
• Complicated set up
• Explosive
• Periodic prices to refillElectricAll over the placeStorage Tank, Tankless, Heat Pump, Combo Heaters• Straightforward set up
• Environment friendly• No scorching water with out electricity
• Longer heating time
• Larger power costs
• LargerPhoto voltaicAmple in Southwest USPhoto voltaic Water Heaters• Almost free scorching water
• Infinite supply• Complicated install
• Very high initial value
• Outdoors temp can’t fall under freezing
• Requires bigger storage tanks
• Greater maintenanceGeothermalHouses With Geothermal Heat PumpsStorage, Tankless• Save 50% on gasoline prices
• Dependable
• Lengthy-lasting• Very high value to put in
• Complicated set up
• Requires typical gasoline too

Natural Fuel Hot Water Heaters

Natural Gas Symbol

Pure Fuel – Execs

Cheaper To Run

Pure Fuel scorching water heaters are often far inexpensive to run than electrical energy and even propane. You’ll be able to examine the cost of fuel vs. electrical scorching water heaters utilizing this calculator.

I ran the calculator and located that an electric scorching water heater would value about $945 to run annually whereas a pure fuel scorching water heater would only value about $121.

This financial savings is critical. That’s about $60/month in larger utility prices. Whether or not you or your tenant is paying doesn’t really matter. Both method your rental is at an obstacle if in case you have an electric scorching water heater.

Continuous Service

You will not have to fret concerning the scorching water going out even throughout a power outage if in case you have a storage tank pure fuel water heater. This could make an enormous difference when your tenant nonetheless has access to scorching water during an outage. It makes the place rather more “habitable.” Nevertheless, tankless fuel water heaters have digital sensors that still require electrical energy to run.

PRO LANDLORD TIP – Embrace a lease provision that explicitly states you are not liable for utility outages outdoors your control. This can let tenants know that you will not be placing them up in a lodge if the utilities are out as a consequence of weather or one other circumstance outdoors your control.

Quicker Recovery Time

Fuel heats water a lot quicker than electrical energy. This makes a distinction in storage tank sort scorching water heaters (extra on storage tanks under). You’ll have scorching water quicker for those who should ever run out. A typical fuel scorching water heater will recuperate in about an hour. It is going to take a number of hours for an electric storage tank scorching water heater to recuperate.

Natural Fuel – Cons

More Complicated Installation

Natural Fuel scorching water heaters, as with all flamable gasoline supply, requires proper air flow. This requires finding the best location and paying more for the set up. In line with Angie’s Listing, a fuel scorching water heater can add between $500 and $1,000 to the installation costs.

Greater Preliminary Prices

Costs differ extensively, but a fast examine of an enormous field retailer exhibits which you can anticipate to pay between $500 and $2,000 for a 50-gallon storage tank fuel scorching water heater. An electrical 50-gallon storage tank scorching water heater on the similar retailer will run between $300 and $1,300.

Electrical Hot Water Heaters

Electricity Symbol

Electric – Execs

Decrease Value

As talked about above, electrical variations of typical storage tank sort water heaters will usually value less than Natural Fuel variations.

Simpler Set up

Electric scorching water heaters are additionally easier to put in as a result of they do not require ventilation. Nevertheless, they do require 220v service so chances are you’ll need to hire knowledgeable in case you are not snug working with the upper voltage.

Larger Power Effectivity

Electrical scorching water heaters sometimes have greater Power Elements. This represents the quantity of water heated per unit of gasoline. A better EF issue means it uses much less power than a lower EF model.

For comparability, an Power Star Electric Hot Water Heater has an EF of two.0 or greater whereas an Power Star Fuel version only has .67 EF.

Electric – Cons

No Electricity, No Water

The largest drawback with electric scorching water heaters is that your tenant won’t have access to scorching water within the occasion of a power outage. This will likely not appear to be an enormous deal however scorching water can make an enormous difference in a storm. Your tenant will respect the power to bathe even without power.

It makes your rental extra livable and could provide help to keep away from a dispute. It could actually save you from having to prorate your lease for days with out scorching water.

Longer Recovery

It takes electric scorching water heaters a number of hours to get well as soon as they run out of scorching water. This can be prevented by making certain you’ve got sized your model appropriately on your rental’s needs. See the section on Measurement under for more info.

One other aspect affect of that is that electric scorching water heaters have to be larger subsequently requiring more room.

Clearly this solely applies to storage tank scorching water heaters. A tankless mannequin will never run out of scorching water.

Excessive Power Prices

Electricity will usually prices more than different power types. That is obvious with a quick comparison of your electric invoice and your natural fuel payments. Electricity costs 2-3 occasions more than natural fuel thereby eliminating any features from efficiencies.

Propane-Fueled Hot Water Heaters

Propane Tank

Propane – Execs

Off The Grid

You could have a property that may be a little off the crushed path or away from the primary property with out access to electricity or natural fuel. Propane fuel could also be your solely choice to gasoline your area and scorching water heaters.


Propane is a strong power source. It is 2-3 occasions more efficient than Natural Fuel. This implies you don’t want as much to warmth your water.

Quick Heating

Propane, like Pure Fuel, heats water much quicker than electricity.

Propane – Cons


Because Propane is heavier than air, it doesn’t dissipate as simply as other gases. It may be highly flamable. This makes it a less than fascinating selection for rentals. You don’t need your tenants inadvertently causing a leak throughout a tank refill and find yourself with catastrophic consequences.

Costs More Than Pure Fuel

Propane prices more than Natural Fuel. It should value you almost twice as a lot to gasoline your scorching water heater with propane than it is going to with Natural Fuel.

Complicated Set up

Propane gasoline requires a extra difficult arrange. Along with the required ventilation, as with pure fuel, you will also have to set up the propane storage tank. It also requires a strain regulator between the propane tank and your scorching water heater.

Greater Cash Outlay

Propane gasoline requires giant storage tanks – as much as 500 gallons or extra for a full sized house. Filling this tank will value you massive. It’s going to value you between $500 and $1,000 to fill a tank annually. This isn’t ultimate if your tenant is required to pay for this. They could discover it onerous to provide you with the money for the propane and the lease.

Photo voltaic Hot Water Heaters

Solar Hot Water Heater

Photo voltaic – Execs

For those who stay in an area the place you benefit from this ample, free resource then Photo voltaic could be a nice answer for decent water heating. Its provide is infinite and it’ll minimize water-heating costs by as much as 80% by some estimates.

Solar – Cons

Photo voltaic scorching water heating isn’t low cost. Estimates range however anticipate to pay no less than $5,00zero to $15,000 to install a solar water heater. Additionally, you will want a larger storage tank. A typical household of 4 will need an 80-gallon tank.

Photo voltaic scorching water heaters can’t be used if the surface temperature dips under freezing for too lengthy. That eliminates much of the continental US.

Finally, photo voltaic scorching water heaters will not be complicated methods but do require annual maintenance to avoid scaling and corrosion within the strains. This upkeep is probably something you need to handle your self as an alternative of leaving it to your tenant.

Geothermal Hot Water Heaters

Geothermal Heat Diagram

Picture by WGisol from Wikimedia Commons

Geothermal / Heat Pump – Execs

If your own home is already fitted with a Geothermal heating system, then it doesn’t take an excessive amount of to put in a particular scorching water heater that may tap into that warmth source. You can do this by including a desuperheater to your geothermal system. This takes advantage of the waste heat generated by the geothermal system.

A geothermal scorching water heater can prevent 50 – 60% on scorching water heating costs. They are typically very reliable, have fewer shifting elements and can last more than typical scorching water heaters.

Geothermal / Heat Pump – Cons

You’ll still want a standard warmth source to make it work. Geothermal scorching water heaters only produce scorching water warmth when the geo thermal system is on. It should use another gasoline to make up the difference.

The different main disadvantage to a geothermal heat system is that it requires you to trench much of the yard. This adds vital value to the set up.

Greatest Gasoline Supply For Landlords

Natural Gas Flame

Pure Fuel scorching water heaters are usually the only option for most landlords. Most houses are fitted with fuel strains to accommodate a fuel scorching water heater. They’re cheaper to operate for you or your tenant.

Additionally, discovering a plumber to service one will never be an issue in contrast to different complicated methods. It is best to keep away from other gasoline sources until completely mandatory resulting from limited availability of natural fuel.

Storage Tank vs. Tankless Hot Water Heaters

After you’ve got decided which gasoline source is greatest on your rental scorching water heater, it’s time to choose between a Storage Tank or a Tankless mannequin.

Storage Tank·  Inexpensive

·  Simpler Set up

·  Easier Upkeep

·  Larger Working Prices

·  Greater

·  Can run out of scorching water

·  Tanks can leak

·  Shorter life

Tankless·  Very compact

·  Power efficient

·  By no means run out of scorching water

·  Longer life

·  No tank leaks

·  Costlier

·  Complicated set up

·  Not ideally suited for bigger households

·  Slight delay in scorching water

Mixture Area & Hot Water Heater·  Eliminates want for two appliances

·  Cheaper than installing two appliances

·  Extremely environment friendly

·  Much less upkeep than two home equipment

·  Similar as Tankless

·  Also no scorching water or warmth if it breaks down

Storage Tank Hot Water Heaters

Storage Tank Hot Water Heater

Storage Tank scorching water heaters are the normal sort. These are those you’re most certainly considering of whenever you consider scorching water heaters. They sometimes hold between 40 and 80 gallons of scorching water so it’s available when wanted.


Storage Tank scorching water heaters value a few third of the worth of most tankless fashions. Set up is far easier than a tankless mannequin which may require electrical or plumbing upgrades. They are also more widespread and subsequently, simpler to seek out elements and service should it break down. Storage Tank scorching water heaters also can supply almost on the spot scorching water (relying on distance to faucet).


Sadly, Storage Tank scorching water heaters are usually not that environment friendly because they’re constantly heating great amount of water whether you need it or not. Additionally they require a whole lot of area and venting for the unit.

Whereas they’re nice for getting giant amounts of scorching water from multiple places, they will run out of water leaving somebody within the cold. Finally, they sometimes solely final 10-15 years. After that, tank corrosion will ultimately trigger a leak, probably spilling gallons of scorching water.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless Hot Water Heater

Additionally referred to as “On-Demand” water heaters, these wall-mounted scorching water heater models are ideal for smaller areas and smaller houses.


The greatest purpose for landlords to think about a Tankless scorching water heater is because it’s ideally suited when area is at a premium as in small studios and condos. These models are good for small city spaces but they offer different benefits as properly.

Tankless scorching water heaters are additionally very power environment friendly since they only produce scorching water when wanted. They may save between 24-34% in heating costs in homes that use 41 gallons or much less per day. They are often installed for the entire house or just in certain areas. The more models you put in, the extra you can save.

They may never run out of scorching water which is usually a real drawback when you have a tenant that makes use of greater than your storage tank scorching water heater can deal with. There’s nearly no danger of a tank leaking after it’s useful life.

Lastly, Tankless scorching water heaters are likely to last more than their storage tank counterparts. Most will last 20 years or more versus 10 to 15 years for most storage tank scorching water heaters.


But Tankless scorching water heaters will not be without their trade-offs.

Whereas they’ll prevent money over the long term, they’ll value you up to Three occasions as a lot as a storage tank water heater. Actually, chances are you’ll never absolutely recoup the extra costs for a number of the higher-end models.

Tankless scorching water heaters are extra complicated requiring knowledgeable set up. Within the case of electric Tankless models, you might have to improve your system to accommodate the extra power required. This could simply set you again hundreds as properly. Particular ventilation may be required as properly.

They are additionally limited by how a lot scorching water they will produce directly. It is advisable be certain what your peak demand scorching water needs are earlier than purchasing a Tankless scorching water heater. The extra faucets you will have open, the decrease the water strain. They don’t seem to be very best for houses with multiple rest room until you put in a number of models to spice up provide all through the house.

Are Tankless Water Heaters Good For Landlords?

Tankless Hot Water Heater From Below

I’ve used both a tankless scorching water heater and a mixture area/scorching water heater (see under) in leases when necessary to make room for an in-unit laundry, however they don’t seem to be perfect for rentals.

Tenants anticipate to have very popular water at high strain in their showers. Tankless scorching water heaters actually can’t accommodate that, especially in the lifeless of winter when the ground water is far cooler and requires more power to warmth up shortly.

They will even shut off if the demand is just too high or the air flow isn’t sufficient. Often when someone is in the bathe. Not a superb call to get from a tenant! The approach to keep away from that is to make slight adjustments to the settings through the winter, which you by no means need to let your tenants do.

My suggestion is to use these only if you should. They are great for small condos or visitor suites where area is restricted, but they come with particular needs. You will want to discover a specialist who knows methods to install and keep these models. Not all plumbers are versed in a lot of these water heaters. You also needs to keep away from them for those who reside in extremely cold winter places as the water won’t movement quick enough and you’ll get tenant complaints.

Combo Models

Combi Boiler Water Heater

Just like tankless nevertheless it also heats your own home!

Mixture or “Combi” models are area and scorching water heaters in a single. They are ideal for super-tight spaces like small condos. I just lately had one put in as a strategy to unencumber area in a tiny utility closet.


Combination area and scorching water heaters are a good way to save lots of area in an extremely tight area. Like a Tankless scorching water heater, they grasp on walls requiring little area. They combine an area heating boiler and a scorching water heater right into a single equipment. This also makes them very power environment friendly in addition to area efficient. That’s because there isn’t a have to have two home equipment on directly.

There are different financial savings as properly. You only need one technician to service it. And also you only have to have one set up.


They endure the identical inconveniences as Tankless water heaters in relation to water strain and slight delays in scorching water. Along with this, additionally they have one other disadvantage. If they break down, your tenant can be without both heat and scorching water. Not good. Luckily, I’ve had mine put in for over a yr now with none issues thus far.

Now that you understand which gasoline you’ll use and determined between a Storage Tank or Tankless mannequin, it’s time to take a look at another features and see what they imply for landlords.

I’ve targeted this section on commonplace storage tank scorching water heaters as they’re the most typical.


For those who select to go together with a standard Storage Tank scorching water heater, then you have to ensure you measurement it proper on your rental.

How Many Occupants?

Family Members In A Home

The first step is to find out what number of tenants are more likely to be dwelling within the rental. As a landlord, you need to assume your rental can accommodate the utmost allowable residents beneath federal and native tips.

Whereas there isn’t a federal regulation, the Division of Housing and Urban Improvement issued occupancy restriction steerage stating that a restrict of 2 individuals per bed room is an inexpensive restriction. Which means a typical 3 bed room rental might be anticipated to accommodate 6 individuals. This might suggest a larger scorching water heater capacity is required in leases than is usually advisable for most owners.

Word that this can be a guideline and there could be mitigating circumstances or other native ordinances proscribing occupancy of your rental. Verify with local authorities to make sure.

Figuring out Peak Water Usage

Next, you’ll want to determine how a lot water your tenants will want throughout peak utilization. The greatest approach to do this is to estimate the height demand (also referred to as First Hour Score or FHR) based mostly on that variety of allowable residents. In the case of the Three-bedroom unit, you might fairly anticipate Three-6 showers, a shave and a number of other hand washes during that first hour. offers a useful water utilization calculation chart that will help you decide what number of gallons that uses. For those who discover this too difficult, then you should use a tough guideline of about 10 Gallons per occupant throughout peak consumption.

Selecting The Proper Storage Tank Measurement

Finally, select a scorching water heater with a storage tank capacity that accommodates your desired peak utilization. In our instance, peak utilization could possibly be between 36 and 72 gallons. This might require a much bigger storage tank capability than instructed by most buying guides geared in the direction of single household houses.

Home Depot Water Heater Size Guide Water Heater Sizing Guide

Word that storage tanks for electric powered scorching water heaters should be greater due to the slower FHR.

Most Three-BR rentals don’t want a 98 gallon storage tank until you anticipate renting to 6 individuals. However you need to understand that it’s a commerce off between tenant comfort and power efficiency. The greater the storage tank the less efficient the recent water heater however the fewer inconveniences your tenants will expertise in the event that they use loads of scorching water.

My suggestion is to err on the aspect of extra capacity and search for different methods to be power environment friendly. See under for accessories and maintenance ideas.

Power Issue

Water Heaters are additionally power hogs. Hot water heaters account for almost 20% of your house’s power use in accordance with You need to ensure you select the correct scorching water heater regardless of who’s paying the utility payments.

The scorching water heater’s Power Factor will determine how much it can value to run. It’s simply a measure of how much scorching water might be produced per unit of gasoline.

EF = Hot Water Produced / Unit of Gasoline

A better EF means lower gasoline consumption, which in flip means less value to run.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples so you possibly can see the best way to examine scorching water heater models based mostly on their respective EF’s.

Hot Water Heater Efficiency Payback 1

In the example above, the only difference within the two fashions compared is their EF and price. Mannequin A has an EF of .68 and an annual operating value of $308. Mannequin B has an EF of .61 and an annual operating value of $344.

You’ll be able to see on this example that it’ll take over 6 years earlier than the additional value of the excessive effectivity mannequin will payback. This payback is way too lengthy to make a distinction for many landlords.

Nevertheless, see what occurs under when the water usage is increased:

Hot Water Heater Efficiency Factor Comparison 2

Clearly the more water you anticipate your tenants to make use of, the faster the payback.

What if your native Pure Fuel prices are on the high end?

Hot Water Heater Efficiency Factor Comparison 3

Once more, the payback is faster.

Play with this power calculator from to see if it is sensible to spend slightly more on a excessive EF model to make your rental more aggressive.

Power Tax Credit

Hot water heater fuel credit expired in 2017 however many anticipate them to return back, probably retroactively. You may need to contemplate a model with an EF score no less than .82 for fuel or for electrical. In case your model qualified, you’d have acquired a $300 power tax credit score!

Brass Versus Plastic Fittings

Brass Pipe Fittings

Landlords and property managers ought to be performing annual upkeep on their rental scorching water heaters. This requires draining the tank to take away dangerous sediment by attaching a garden hose to the becoming.

Brass fittings are superior because they won’t put on out and trigger a leak. All the time go for a model with brass fittings as an alternative of low cost plastic ones. Brass or copper fittings can be easier to hook up with copper pipes in your house as nicely.

Durability and Warranty

Worth is a perform of what you pay and the way long it can last. (You’ll be able to study extra about this in my article on maximizing rental renovation ROI). Most storage tank sort scorching water heaters come with a 6 or 10-Yr warranty. While most tankless scorching water heaters include a 15 to 20 yr guarantee.

Not all warranties are the same. Remember to take a look at the small print. What is excluded from the guarantee? Does it embrace elements and labor? Is it transferable to the subsequent proprietor?

Right here’s a chart with examples of warranties on chosen fashions from the 3 leading storage tank scorching water heater manufacturers.

AO SMITHBRADFORD WHITERHEEMTank6 – 10 Years1 – 10 Years6 to So long as you personal the homeElements6 – 10 Years1 – 10 Years1 – 10 YearsLaborNot CoatedNot CoatedUp to 1 YrIncidental CostsNot CoatedNot CoatedNot CoatedTransferableNoSureNoLimited Rental CoverageSureNoSureProtection StartSet up DateInstall or Manufacture Date + Three MonthsSet up or Manufacture Date + 1 Month

You’ll be able to see from the above the warranties differ so much, even from the same firm so you’ll want to examine the specifics of the models you are interested in.

AO Smith is particularly worrisome as a landlord.   Their warranty could be very restricted:

  • Solely covers the original owner
  • Covers Tanks and Elements only
  • Doesn’t cover Labor or different incidental costs comparable to delivery
  • Severely limits the guarantee if not utilized in a SFH

I asked AO Smith precisely what they meant by that last provision. They confirmed that the warranty is lowered if it is put in in a multifamily rental property and is used to provide multiple unit.

AO Smith Warranty Excerpt

Read the fantastic print!

Bradford White does prolong their guarantee to subsequent householders. That is something to think about in case you are Repair & Flip investor or just plan to sell your rental quickly.

Just like AO Smith, Rheem severely restricts their guarantee if it is used in a multifamily house. From 12 right down to 1 yr on some models!

Are Longer Warranties Value It?

Some specialists recommend the only real difference between 6 versus a 10-year warranty is more likely to be the dimensions or variety of the sacrificial anodes. They recommend you can save money for those who purchase a cheaper 6-Yr guarantee mannequin and set up a bigger anode or exchange it after a couple of years.

PRO LANDLORD TIP – Most warranties start on the date you purchase the product however should you lose the receipt it may well revert to the date of manufacture, which is usually a yr or more earlier than you acquire it. Save your receipt and register your purchase online!

Ought to Landlord’s Choose For The Longest Warranty? – Not necessarily. It is dependent upon how far more the additional guarantee costs. You need to usually select the Brand and Mannequin with greatest guarantee coverage on your wants. Keep up with maintenance, as many warranties are void if the failure is brought on by lack of upkeep. All the time keep away from Brands and Fashions with warranties which are restricted when utilized in leases.

Sacrificial Anode Rod

Chances are you’ll need to search for fashions with accessible sacrificial anodes. The anode rod retains the corrosive supplies from destroying the recent water heater tank. Changing them can considerably prolong the lifetime of the recent water heater.

PRO LANDLORD TIP – Look for models with an uncovered hex head magnesium anode on the top of the unit. This allows you to access, examine and probably exchange the anode rod.


That is simple with no particular implications for landlords. Be sure you measure your obtainable area before shopping for a brand new storage tank sort scorching water heater. New fashions are typically larger than older ones and should not match where the present one is.

Low Boys

  • 30” to 49” tall
  • 20” to 26” broad
  • Hold between 30 and 50 gallons
  • Best for closets or low ceiling basement where area is restricted for plumbing and venting.

Tall Boys

  • 46” to 60” tall
  • 18” to 21” extensive
  • Maintain between 30 and 100 gallons

Both of these are good selection from the owner’s perspective depending on your area availability.

Glass-Lined Tanks vs. Stainless Steel

Most storage tank water heaters are glass-lined. Indirect Hot Water heaters (Combination Boiler methods) are available in Stainless Steel. Stainless prices extra but naturally resists corrosion.

There isn’t any want for sacrificial anode alternative with a stainless storage tank.

Nevertheless, they could not hold up if your water has high chloride content material. Examine together with your native water department to see if that’s the case before you buy one.

There are a number of other advantages to stainless storage tanks. Water can get hotter – 180° versus 160°. They are also lighter and simpler to put in.

PRO LANDLORD TIP – Run the numbers to see if the additional life and decrease upkeep is value the additional funding for a stainless-steel tank.

Do You Want Overheat Safety?

Most scorching water heaters come outfitted with overheat protection, which can shut off the system if the water will get too scorching.

PRO LANDLORD TIP – Make sure that your mannequin has overheat safety.

Does Self Cleaning Work?

Some models make use of a system that retains the sediments from deciding on the underside of the tank. Theoretically, they require much less maintenance and may prolong the life of the tank. Nevertheless, it’s questionable in the event that they really work as claimed or not.

PRO LANDLORD TIP – Don’t pay additional for Self Cleansing. Do the upkeep.

What Is Ultra Low Nox?

Extremely Low NOx (or ULN) fashions produce much less Nitrogen Oxides pollutant.  They are required in case your property is situated in Utah or elements of California.

Map of US areas that require ULN hot water heaters

ULN Required. From

PRO LANDLORD TIP – ensure you buy a ULN model if your rental is required to have it.

Do I Want Power Venting?

Power Vented Water Heater

No Need For Special Venting

These scorching water heaters are the identical as a Direct-Venting combustion sort scorching water heater however with a powered vent fan. These could be an choice to scale back set up costs where natural venting is just not superb comparable to a closet. They’ll value greater than naturally venting scorching water heater but it’s still a less expensive choice than installing the right ventilation.

The power venting fashions require an electrical outlet nearby. Additionally they have a tendency to supply a noticeable sound when the fan is operating.

PRO LANDLORD TIP – Consult an area professional should you assume you may need an influence vented mannequin. Make sure you let your prospective tenants know to anticipate a sound coming from the water heater. This manner you’ll avoid a name later saying they need to transfer out as a result of they will’t sleep!

Pilot Lights

Pilot lights could be both standing (all the time on) or digital ignition. Standing pilot lights are less efficient but will certainly work in an influence outage. Electronic ignitions are more efficient and simpler to start out again up but might not work without electrical energy.

PRO LANDLORD TIP – Search for an electronic ignition pilot mild that doesn’t require an influence source. This shall be simpler on your tenant to start out back up without you making a visit and can continue to work in the occasion of a power outage.

In case you are purchasing for a tankless scorching water heater, search for models with internally generated sparks. These will continue to work in the occasion of a blackout.

Are Sensible Hot Water Heaters Value It?

WiFi Symbol

Sensible scorching water heaters are the newest within the Sensible House development. They offer a couple of options that you could be find useful as a home-owner, but not as a landlord.

Distant Management – You’ll be able to monitor utilization, water levels and management the water temperature from your telephone.

Efficiency – Set the recent water for “vacation” mode to avoid heating water that gained’t be used. Some models “learn” your scorching water wants and plan accordingly.

Security – Sensible scorching water heaters can detect leaks and provide you with a warning by way of text. They will also shut off the system if it detects an unsafe temperature indicating a potential thermostat failure.

Aquanta Water Heater Controller calls itself the Nest of Hot Water Heaters. It’s a sensible system that you would be able to retro fit to most electrical and fuel storage tank scorching water heaters. It should value about $189.

Rheem House Consolation WiFi converts some strange Rheem scorching water heaters into a sensible system for an extra $49 – $89.

PRO LANDLORD TIP – These sensible techniques are cool and could help prevent or your tenant power costs however they aren’t sensible for most landlords. They require access to the Wi-Fi so your tenant must let you entry the system. Chances are you’ll need to contemplate one in the event you reside in a duplex and management the Wi-Fi.

My suggestion is to wait until they ultimately are included into all models. There’s no have to rush to be the primary landlord on your block to have one.

There are a number of scorching water heater accessories that it is best to undoubtedly think about as a landlord.

Water Heater Drain Pan

  • Electric or Fuel Hot Water Heater Drain Pan catches leaks

Water Sensor and Alarm

  • I have a couple of these around the basements
  • Remember to change the batteries each 6 months or so

Water Heater Insulation Blankets

  • Pays for itself in a few yr
  • Saves about 7-16% on annual scorching water heating bills, particularly if tank is in a chilly area
  • You’ll want to get one designed roughly on your scorching water heater dimensions

Water Heater Stand

  • Required beneath some building codes

Thermal Enlargement Tank

  • Prevents the aid valve from tripping

Magnesium Water Heater Anode Rod

  • Examine you mannequin quantity to ensure it matches

Tankless Water Heater Flushing Package

  • Helps keep the performance of Tankless scorching water heaters

Digital Water Heater Timer

  • Reduce wasted warmth from an electrical scorching water heater

Selecting the best scorching water heater on your rental is totally different than choosing one in your own residence. It is advisable to contemplate the distinctive requirements of rentals when deciding among many various options.

Deciding the suitable gasoline source is often dependent on your native area and your rental. Select Pure Fuel if it’s obtainable as a result of that may prevent probably the most money and be the simplest to service.

Next, select whether or not you need a storage tank or a tankless mannequin. Most landlords will find the storage tank fashions greatest go well with their wants. Nevertheless, it’s essential to contemplate the utmost capacity of your rental because it will have a direct influence on the dimensions of storage tank you will have.

Then you have to stability the operational financial savings with the extra upfront costs when considering issues like power elements and warranties. You’ll be able to pay for extra value efficient and longer lasting fashions however run the numbers to see in case you can anticipate a constructive ROI. Avoid installing a mannequin in a duplex that explicitly limits your warranty.

Lastly, there are a number of other options, which a landlord should search both as a result of they may create a better rental or are simply required in your rental. I’ve additionally listed a number of scorching water heater accessories like insulating blankets, water leak detectors and alternative anodes it would be best to contemplate with a purpose to benefit from your funding and shield your property.

I hope you found this landlord’s guide to scorching water heaters helpful and it saves you cash. Enroll in the present day for the Unintentional Rental monthly publication for entry to more free cash saving ideas and tips to being an superior landlord!