To Do or Not to Do: The 4 Hardest Quests in OSRS

To Do or Not to Do: The 4 Hardest Quests in OSRS

Judging something as difficult is subjective. However, there are some things that a majority of us will agree are too difficult. Here are the four hardest quests on Old School Runescape (OSRS), as voted by players. These are the quests you will want to avoid until you’re swimming with OSRS gold. Otherwise, you should have enough leveled skills to survive anything the quest throws at you.

  1. Monkey Madness 2

As if dealing with zombie monkeys wasn’t enough, your deaths in the quest’s dungeons require you to redo everything to reclaim your lost quest items. You’ll either have to beef up your defenses or prayer just to keep surviving. The bosses you’ll encounter during this quest are no slouch either. This quest is one of three ‘Grandmaster’ quests in OSRS. That alone should give you a fair warning as to its difficulty.

Completing this quest will reward you with four quest points as well asXP for the Slayer, Agility, Thieving, and Hunter skills among other things.

  1. Mourning’s End Part 2

The main difficulty of this quest comes from trying to solve a puzzle while being attacked. There’s also inventory management involved in these puzzles. You have to grab the mirrors and crystals you need, and they do take up space in your bag. Fortunately, the puzzles you’ve solved remain so. You’re free to bank between solving them.

The quest awards two quest points, 20,000 Agility XP, a crystal trinket, a death talisman, and access to Dark Beasts.

  1. Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure is an infamous quest due to two things. First is that it’s an insanely difficult quest. Second is its reward of the Ice Barrage spell. Complicating things is the mysterious Stranger that will attack you when carrying the diamonds you need for the quest. Then, you have to fight four annoying bosses. Each of them has its own mechanics of fighting. You need to use different strategies for all of them. Though this quest is just ranked as a ‘Master’ difficulty one, it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Its most important rewards are the Ancient Magicks, as well as access to various areas and items including OSRS gold.

  1. Legend’s Quest

Tedium is the enemy of this quest. There are many steps to completing this quest and you may have to repeat some of them to achieve success. It’s not because of RNG either. Sometimes, what you need to do is unclear or confusing. Then there’s also the boss’s tendency to reset and come back with full health. He’ll also do his prayer draining trick. The quest itself isn’t hard, but it takes time to complete because of all of these factors.

Rewards from this quest include four quest points, a chance to train skills for four times, and access to the Legend’s Guild. That last one opens the opportunity to buy a Legend Cape.

And there you have four of the notoriously difficult quests of OSRS. Remember, if you find any of them simple or easy to do, that doesn’t mean others will too. All of us have different thresholds of difficulty. That said, keep on enjoying Old School RuneScape and OSRS mobile!