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Zelda Runners – Breaking Barriers – Zelda Dungeon

Zelda Runners – Breaking Barriers – Zelda Dungeon

Welcome again to your bi-weekly digest of all issues Zelda speedrunning. Having stopped crying from the results of The Greatest Zelda Ever 2018 outcomes, and having calmed down from the arguments which ensued within the employees chat, I’m nearly able to return to regular service. Simply let me 100% Triforce Heroes another time…


Now Enjoying

A brand new sort of speedrunning marathon is coming quickly! Bingothon is a charity occasion, which can be hosted by speedrunslive and is elevating cash for the Docs With out Borders. Because the identify may recommend, the occasion will play host to a number of totally different bingo runs, that includes solo and vs races, and an entire bucket-full of several types of bingo. The occasion continues to be accepting submissions from runners, however anticipate to see a minimum of 2 Zelda titles function – Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild. The occasion takes place over the weekend of the first/2nd December, so defintely catch it in case you can! Yow will discover out extra details about the occasion, in addition to the schedule when it’s revealed, on the occasion’s speedrun.com web page.


Properly, I’ve spent the previous few weeks wanting ahead to sharing the outcomes of the Oracle of Seasons any% event, for which the finals have been resulting from happen just lately. Sadly, on account of sickness, they haven’t be performed but, so there’s no end result to announce. The ultimate is a second assembly of runners dragonc0 and Sagaz, who met beforehand in Spherical three, the place dragonc0 narrowly took the victory. Sagaz fought valiently by way of the Loser’s Bracket with a view to declare their rematch. As quickly because the match takes place, I’ll share the winner on my Twitter account, so maintain your eyes peeled in case you’re concerned about that end result! Yow will discover the bracket for the entire event, in addition to tons extra information, right here.


Additionally this week:

  • The A Hyperlink to the Previous randomizer recieved a spooky Halloween replace. In the course of the night time part, Hyperlink transforms right into a Werewolf, which brings with it its personal set of execs and cons (or curses!). Numerous different features of the sport have been modified, so be sure to have your wits about you in case you’re making an attempt it out! You will discover out extra about this modification right here.
  • Each the Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time 3D communities are contemplating some small rule modifications. These within the Ocarina of Time are voting to determine on the naming scheme for the Glitchless and Glitchless Bug Restrict classes, and Ocarina of Time 3D runners are voting on whether or not defeating Ganon must be a requirement within the All Dungeons class. Each outcomes shall be featured within the subsequent Runners article, so maintain your eyes peeled!


Glitch Exhibition

This week’s glitch exhibition facilities round Hyrule. “Well of course it does”, I hear you shout, “It’s from a Zelda game”. Properly, sure, in that sense it does. However the function this week fairly actually surrounds Hyrule. Extra particularly, Hyrule Citadel.

In The Wind Waker HD, upon stumbling throughout Hyrule Fort, you’ll discover an enormous barrier surrounds you. This barrier appears to stretch for miles into the sky (it does), and utterly encircles the fort (additionally true). Earlier than you’ll be able to dispell this barrier, the sport sends you on fairly the wild goose chase, amassing charts and Triforce Shards, preventing Darknuts and usually throwing each little bit of filler it could possibly discover at you. In fact, as speedrunners it might be rather more handy to only… undergo this barrier instantly. Sadly, for a very long time, this simply wasn’t potential. The barrier goes far too excessive for us to hover over in any style, and is definitely double layered – so any try to interrupt by way of solely solves half of the issue.

The precise necessities for breaking the barrier usually are deceivingly easy – watch the cutscene by which Hyperlink recieves the absolutely powered Grasp Sword, and dispel the Electrical Barriers within the third iteration of Hyrule Fort. Sadly, this second level has some necessities of its personal – recieve the Grasp Sword, watch the cutscene through which Tetra turns into Zelda, watch the cutscene within the courtyard after defeating the Helmaroc King, and defeat the Mighty Darknuts within the Grasp Sword chamber (this final level requires the Full Triforce to even set off). Briefly, we will’t undergo it, and we will’t even skip by means of any of the necessities to interrupt it naturally. From a speedrunning perspective, it isn’t wanting nice.

That’s, till a runner named Girtana claimed to have acheived the unacheivable. By utilising a glitch generally known as Merchandise Sliding, that they had managed to clip by way of the barrier. The barrier isn’t fairly round – it’s extra a set of straight strains that don’t fairly meet correctly. Considered one of these intersections occurs to be proper in entrance of the exit from the citadel. Handy, proper?

Sadly, on this event Girtana had no video proof of the clip. With nothing to repeat, the group have been left experimenting for nearly a yr, earlier than the exact same Girtana repeated the clip, this time with video enter. Lastly, the barrier had been cracked.


So, now we’ve found barrier skip, we will simply whizz by way of the sport very quickly flat, proper? Not fairly. Girtana’s setup for the trick required the Iron Boots, an merchandise that may solely be obtained by beating the Helmaroc King, and acquiring the Hearth and Ice Arrows. By this level within the recreation, the one option to attain the barrier is by… finishing all the necessities to interrupt the barrier within the first place? In its present type, Barrier Skip is ineffective.

That’s, till a runner generally known as Gymnast found a setup utilizing solely the Grapple Hook, required to merchandise slide within the first place. With this setup, we will make our approach to Dragon Roost Island, get hold of the Hookshot, then instantly got down to Hyrule, by means of the barrier, via Puppet Ganon, and on to victory with completely no issues in any respect.

Not fairly. You see, Barrier Skip on this type cuts out an enormous chunk of the sport (over 2 and a half hours!), however it comes at a price, and an enormous value at that.

Upon defeating Puppet Ganon, the participant is required to clamber up a number of platforms utilizing the Grapple Hook (which we did aquire) to the highest of Ganon’s Tower. Right here, slightly below the exit, is a Hookshot goal. This single hookshot goal shatters the any% class into one million peices. We will’t use the Grapple Hook to focus on it, nor can we gather the Hookshot itself (doing so requires the Iron Boots, which we’ve already established are ineffective). Runners are left with 2 equally daunting choices.

The primary is Puppet Ganon Skip. This monster requires the runner to enter the Puppet Ganon struggle, die, then carry out a trick recognized a Zombie Hovering (performing a bounce slash between dying and touchdown on the bottom, this trick permits runners to “float” up into the air). As soon as on the prime of the chamber, they pull a bomb, which can explode and kill a keese, which in flip will drop a coronary heart, reviving Hyperlink, who can now land on the exit balcony and keep on to Ganon. Sounds straightforward? Not likely. It’s not any simpler in apply, solely round 2 individuals have ever recorded having carried out this trick efficiently.

The second, and the lesser of two each horrible evils, is the Fairy Hover. Two pots on the highest flooring of the chamber include fairies, which can revive Hyperlink in the event that they contact him throughout a zombie hover. By breaking these pots beneath the balcony, then performing a hover onto the balcony itself, runners can hope that, because the fairies fly away, one will fly into Hyperlink and revive him. As you may think, this trick depends extremely closely on RNG – the trail the fairies take is completely random. In principle, the success fee is roughly 5%. In apply, it’s a lot decrease.

It’s, nevertheless, the popular choice of the 2 detailed strategies, in order that’s what runners used. The sport’s any% misplaced the overwhelming majority of its runners because of the 90 minute run concluding in a trick that may finish 95% of runs. It was so dire, it led the group to create the Puppet Ganon RTA class, successfully an any% run that ended simply earlier than the Fairy Hover.

That was the case, till runner Gymanst revealed a a lot simpler and dependable various – Morth Hover. Additionally located atop the chamber are three Morths (affectionately named Steve, Bernard, and Joe by Gymnast). Upon demise, Morths can drop hearts. The answer appears easy – use the Deku Leaf to blow a Morth onto the balcony, shoot an arrow at it to drop a coronary heart, then hover onto this coronary heart.

Sadly, the sport throws yet one more spanner within the works. Morths will solely drop hearts if killed by a sword slash, not arrows. This isn’t an issue although, as Fitness center kills the Morth because it attatches itself to Hyperlink. This causes the Morth to outlive the hit, however retailer the sword slash injury, which means that, no matter the reason for dying, it’ll all the time drop a coronary heart.

From right here, we shake off the Morth, blow him up onto the balcony, kill him, then zombie hover onto the ensuing coronary heart drop. Any% is as soon as once more, a comparatively protected class. Properly, that’s till you issue within the Guide Superswim and Trial Skip. However these are tales for an additional day…

As of now, Merchandise Sliding is simply attainable within the HD remake. This implies skipping the barrier isn’t fairly potential but within the unique recreation.

This Glitch Exhibition is predicated off a peice I wrote once I utilized to put in writing at Zelda Dungeon, over eight months in the past. I hope you loved it!



As you’ll see later within the article, the brand new Bullet Time Bounce glitch in Breath of the Wild is absolutely beginning to chip away on the recreation’s occasions. To rejoice this, we’re chatting to a Breath of the Wild any% runner, KaoPyro.

EC: Inform us a bit about your self!

Kao: I’m Kao Pyro, a 29 yr previous Pc Scientist from Texas. Breath of the Wild is my first velocity operating recreation. There are such a lot of superb runners within the Any% class that I haven’t been capable of snatch any data, however I’m working exhausting to be aggressive with the time I’ve.

EC: You’ve run fairly the number of Breath of the Wild classes. What’s it about this recreation that pulls you to it over the opposite Zelda titles?

Kao: I feel my favourite factor about Breath of the Wild is the motion. Utilizing timber, rocks, and now enemies to fling your self by means of the sky at loopy speeds feels so good to me. There’s additionally a lot selection, comparable to Flying Machine. All the chances maintain me coming again.

EC: Most of your runs are of “normal” classes, corresponding to any% and All Dungeons, however you could have run Fall off a Cliff up to now. Do these “meme” classes simply present some aid from the extra critical stuff? Would you ever think about operating another meme classes?

Kao: Given my day job and my household, my time to apply and do precise runs are typically very restricted. I’ve tried to price range my time in order that I could make progress in the direction of my main operating objectives. Sadly that makes it onerous to run a few of the meme classes that exist. That being stated, “meme” classes are a good way to interrupt from the grind and do one thing totally different. Usually, I’ll do a meme class if somebody in my chat requests it. That’s what motivated me to do Fall Off A Cliff and Any% w/ Hylian Defend. I’d be very happy to check out a few of the different meme classes, however I’m additionally beginning to take an curiosity in Breath of the Wild Bingo.

EC: You talked about BotW Bingo. Inform us a bit about how that works, and what you discover so fascinating or gratifying about it.

Kao: With Bingo you generate a 5 X 5 Bingo board crammed with totally different aims within the recreation, corresponding to studying a personality’s diary, or discover X variety of Koroks in Y space. The you attempt to end the goals in any row, column, or diagonal as quick as you’ll be able to. I prefer it quite a bit as a result of it lets me expertise areas of the sport that I usually miss doing Any% runs. Every little thing you do is improvised, from the motion strats, to the route you select to hit the target. It’s an incredible break from the grind of the identical route with the identical methods. It’s additionally good as a result of there’s no stress of the leaderboard as every new bingo takes a unique period of time to finish.

EC: With such restricted time, would you ever think about branching out into different Zelda speedruns?

Kao: I might like to broaden to new Zelda video games. I all the time hold my eyes open for which video games I need to attempt subsequent as soon as I really feel I’ve completed my Breath of the Wild objectives. There’s numerous thrilling issues occurring with Ocarina of Time, resembling randomizers, I feel can be actually enjoyable. For my part, it’s the subsequent most open Zelda recreation so it’d be nice to have the liberty that I’m used to with Breath of the Wild.

EC: With all the breakthroughs being made in Breath of the Wild just lately, it have to be fairly thrilling to be a part of a group that’s continuously altering and evolving?

Kao: Completely. I feel this group is absolutely nice, with everybody working a discussing to seek out the easiest way to do these new glitches and exploits. I’ve to provide my shout outs to Swiffy. They’ve been invaluable to discovering these new strats and I’m all the time excited to see what they’ve to supply every new day, whether or not it’s highlighting one thing another person has discovered, or displaying off fascinating issues they’ve stumbled upon. Checking their twitter is now a day by day routine.

EC: When you might solely run one class of 1 recreation for the remainder of time, what wouldn’t it be, and why?

Kao: I feel the class I might run can be All Foremost Quests for Breath of the Wild. Any%, whereas enjoyable, solely features a very restricted part of the sport. On the opposite finish of the size, I discover the korok grind in 100% to be a bit uninteresting. All Fundamental Quests hits each excessive level that exists within the informal recreation with out falling right into a grind for rupees, gadgets, or koroks. I feel it’d be one thing that might keep fascinating for a very very long time.

You’ll find Kao Pyro on their Twitter, and on their Twitch Channel.


Spherical Up

Legend of Zelda

RDO, Swordless, First Quest. kingdahl – 43:17

First Quest, Change SE. CaptainGreen7 – 27:58


Journey of Hyperlink

Any%, No Door Fairying. Antii85 – 1:07:23


A Hyperlink to the Previous

Low%, NMG. wqqqwrt – 1:24:52

Grasp Sword, No EG/DG/WW

Max% Mild World. Chexhuman – 44:32


Hyperlink’s Awakening DX

Any% (No ST/WW). SeYsEy – 36:53


Ocarina of Time

MST. Marco – 1:54:41

100%. zfg – three:54:52

Youngster Dungeons, Glitchless. realtimeattack64 – 1:04:05


Majora’s Masks

100%. EnNopp112 – four:38:16

Bug Restrict. bann_jpn – 2:38:51

Blast Masks. ProbablyButter – 5:49:030


Twilight Princess

All Dungeons. ChaoticAce – three:47:06


Phantom Hourglass

Any%. benstephens56 – three:13:33


A Hyperlink Between Worlds

100%. TheLegendofZaheer – three:03:06


Breath of the Wild

Any%, amiibo. rasenurns – 31:06

Any%, No amiibo. Wolhaiksong – 32:25.100

Any%, No amiibo, Bug Restrict. keikou_yellow – 42:53.800

All Dungeons, Unique, No amiibo, Bug Restrict. keikou_yellow – 2:18:33.010

All Important Quests, Unique, No amiibo. Twik – three:31:59

All Major Quests, Prolonged, No amiibo, Bug Restrict. AceTenPlays – 9:34:48.500

All Shrines, Unique, amiibo. Vark – 7:38:49.080

All Shrines, Unique, No amiibo. otk2488 – 9:39:13.850.

Grasp Sword and Dungeons, Unique, No amiibo, Bug Restrict. Grega – three:26:31.160

100%, Unique, No amiibo. SpecsNStats – 25:46:36

Nice Plateau, any%, No amiibo. Wolhaiksong – 16:54.200

Die, Fall off a Cliff, No amiibo. Wolhaiksong – 1:29:390

Die, Ice Water, No amiibo, Bug Restrict. HowlingSnail – 2:53.320

Go Residence and Die, No amiibo, Bug Limi. Nicolasreci – three:35.980

Die, Guardian, No amiibo. harmjan387 – three:50.750

Die, Guardian, amiibo. Nicolasreci – four:57.565


The Last Cut up

As a result of some disruption subsequent week (we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the “best” Zelda ever), Zelda Runners can be again three weeks from now, however don’t fear, there’s lots to maintain you entertained. And I imply a lot.


Questing for Glory – eighth ~ 19th November – An epic marathon occasion that includes loads of RPG speedruns. As you may think, there’s no Zelda to be discovered right here, however with an enormous 12 day schedule, there’s positive to be one thing left that may catch your consideration!


Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 – 16th ~ 18th November – A set of the preferred speedruns, showcased over three days. Zelda options huge time right here, with a Legend of Zelda, Hyperlink’s Awakening, A Hyperlink Between Worlds triple whammy closing the marathon.


Strugglethon – 16th ~ 18th November – This can be a German marathon that includes runs of retro video games! The occasion options A Hyperlink to the Previous randomizer, a The Minish Cap any% run, and finishes with a Hyperlink’s Awakening Any% (No SQ/WW/OOB) run.


Spyrothon – 17th ~ 19th November – A showcase of probably the most thrilling speedruns the Spyro video games have to supply. Having a restricted number of video games hasn’t stopped these runners – this occasion options a number of totally different classes and codecs throughout the collection.


ESA Movember 2018 – 23rd ~ 26th November – A web-based marathon held to be able to promote consciousness of males’s well being. No Zelda right here, nevertheless runs resembling Mega Man 2 and Tremendous Mario 64 are that includes.


Majora’s Masks Glitchless Showdown – 24th November, 11PM UTC – Two prime class runners, TrevPerson and TheWayFaringFox, face off towards one another within the second ZSR SpeedGame Showdown. This time, it’s Majora’s Masks vs Majora’s Masks 3D, and the runners shall be competing within the glitchless class. Who will come out victorious? Solely time will inform…


DreamHack Winter 2018 – 30th November ~ 2nd December – The second DreamHack occasion to happen this fortnight, this one options much more Zelda, with an All Dungeons Wind Waker HD run, and an any% Ocarina of Time run.


ResortFest: Recreation On 2018 – 30th November ~ third December – A Marathon held to boost cash for the Additional Life Charity. No Zelda right here both, however it does embrace the primary look of Deltarune at a speedrunning marathon.


Rayman Marathon 2018 – 1st ~ 2nd December – Similarly to the Spyro marathon, this occasion will showcase a few of the greatest runs the Rayman collection has to supply.


Actually-Actually-Lengthy-a-thon 2 – 1st ~ 15th December – In case the identify and the date weren’t clues sufficient, this can be a actually, actually lengthy marathon. Not solely that, however it solely options classes that are over four hours lengthy. Loads of runs for everybody right here.


And with that, you’re all caught up! Ocarina of Time followers – maintain your eyes peeled for a particular Runners article subsequent week. And for everybody else, I’ll be again in three weeks with a recap of all the things you’ve missed!

Euan is the host of Zelda Dungeon’s Speedrunning collection, Zelda Runners. He may be discovered on Twitter and Discord (Euan Crombie#9657), and can bribe as many writers as needed to place Triforce Heroes on the prime of Greatest Zelda Ever 2019.

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