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Zelda Runners – Jumping to Conclusions – Zelda Dungeon

Zelda Runners – Jumping to Conclusions – Zelda Dungeon

Hey there! You want speedrunning? You want flying throughout giant gaps? Have an unexplained hatred of cutscenes triggered by enjoying the Harp? Then boy do I’ve an article for you…


Now Enjoying

Hopefully all of you caught at the very least a few of the Zelda Dungeon Marathon that befell this week! Over the course of the occasion, we raised $4305 for Additional Life, and even set a World Document! The entire occasion may be discovered over on our Twitch channel, in addition to the document setting Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Version run, which may be discovered right here.

A brand new cutscene skip has additionally been present in Skyward Sword. By placing away the Goddess Harp simply because the animation of opening a Trial Gate ends, runners can now skip this cutscene, which saves roughly 1:40 all through the 5 hour run. It doesn’t sound like a lot, however don’t be stunned should you see a number of new data set within the coming weeks, as that is the most important skip the sport has seen in a number of years.



Glitch Exhibition

Right here’s your enjoyable reality for this text – members of the Twilight Princess speedrunning group actually love their athletics. Trustworthy! They’ve even gone to the extent of discovering a trick of their recreation referred to as Lengthy Leap Assault. Through the use of the boomerang to lock on to an object, then pulling the sword and bounce attacking whereas the boomerang is over both a void or a floor greater than Hyperlink’s present place.

That is used a number of occasions all through the run – through the Forest Temple to skip having to purchase the boss key, and in a trick referred to as Gorge Skip, which, as you may need guessed, skips a gorge.

Historically, crossing this gorge merely requires the participant to warp again to Kakariko village, discover a conveniently positioned bridge, and warp again. With a nicely positioned Lengthy Bounce Assault nevertheless, you will discover your self wizzing throughout the hole quicker than Midna could make a impolite remark. The set-up for that is notably tough, requiring exact positioning on the other aspect of the fence surrounding the gorge, then one other exact place in aiming the boomerang, earlier than performing the trick itself.

Whereas the answer to this puzzle doesn’t take notably lengthy in itself, it additionally requires the participant to full the Forest Temple and the Faron Twilight, which may now each be skipped.

The glint within the Twilight Princess any% run, nevertheless, is a collection of sequence breaks referred to as Early Grasp Sword. No prizes for guessing what the result of that’s then.

Utilizing Midna’s particular assault in Wolf Type will deliver Hyperlink again to whichever enemy or enemies he has focused, whatever the distance between them. Utilizing this mechanic, runners can place a Twilit Messenger in a selected location in Faron Woods, and use the particular assault to carry out a trick generally known as a Tremendous Leap. By doing this, Wolf Hyperlink assaults the Messenger in such a means that he lands on prime of the wall of the “arena”. From right here, runners can navigate their method via the out of bounds space to the start of the Sacred Grove phase, the place they will then obtain the Grasp Sword, and the power to rework between Human and Wolf type at will.

This trick, whereas clearly helpful for the sport’s any% class, posed a somewhat giant dead-end when it got here to 100% runs. After performing the sequence break, the chunk of Eldin Bridge couldn’t be warped again into its unique location. This meant that the Cave of Trials, which accommodates three Poes which might be crucial to meet the class’s necessities, will completely be blocked by the part of Eldin Bridge. It was later found, nevertheless, that performing a selected set of actions (specifically blowing up the Lanayru rocks earlier than the Lakebed Temple, after which returning afterward after beating Goron Mines), that the cutscene would activate, giving entry to the Cave of Trials.

Sadly, this sequence break shouldn’t be potential within the HD remake, nevertheless the Lengthy Bounce Assault exploit continues to be current. For extra info on these glitches and sequence breaks, have a gander right here.



One thing particular for this week’s highlight, I’m chatting to Eumeus, a Majora’s Masks TASer. TAS stands for Software Assisted Speedrun, and is used to describe any runs made utilizing exterior software program, which may embrace frame-by-frame advancing, save states, and different RNG manipulations so as to obtain “The Perfect Run”. I requested them about their expertise with the group.

EC: Inform us a bit about your self.

Eumeus: My most important recreation is Majora’s Masks. I ran 100% for a couple of years together with occasional different small classes only for random enjoyable. I don’t actually do real-time runs anymore as I’ve discovered that I take pleasure in TASing extra. I’ve been TASing for about four years now. I’ve additionally been fascinated about TASing another video games. I’d like to attempt to study TASing gamecube video games, and I’ve been studying to TAS Tremendous Mario World.


EC: You described your self as a TASer. Might you give a fast description of what meaning, and provides us a rundown of any notable TASes you’ve accomplished?

Eumeus: A TAS is a Software-Assisted Speedrun. These kind of runs are principally for leisure worth and are usually not actually meant to be in contrast to a human enjoying in real-time. They’re created by operating the sport frame-by-frame on an emulator and utilizing savestates so as to obtain “perfection”. Further instruments may also be used reminiscent of reminiscence viewing and scripting. For Majora’s Masks, I’ve a couple of scripts I exploit. One is a textual content script written by a good friend that may mechanically undergo textual content in probably the most optimum method potential. The opposite is a script I wrote that routinely will ship off bombchus in many various angles. Probably the most notable TAS I’ve accomplished was a TAS that I coauthored with omgatree6. We made a Majora’s Masks low% TAS that collected 16 gadgets in 1:59:01.883 by TAS timing and 1:54:42.133 by RTA timing. The TASVideos submission may be discovered right here. I’ve additionally hosted a Majora’s Masks TAS competitors which ran for 10 rounds. This competitors was meant to welcome all talent ranges. There have been a number of entrants who had no prior TASing expertise, and a few entrants had years extra TASing expertise than I do.


EC: You’ve additionally run Majora’s Masks 100% (and a few extension classes). What units these aside from the sport’s any%, which you’ve stated you’re not involved in taking critically?

Eumeus: Majora’s Masks 100% was my major class. I loved it as a result of there was a variety of content material within the run, a whole lot of distinctive routing challenges, and in-game time administration. The class extensions have been principally simply small runs that have been enjoyable to spend a pair days on. As for any%, it doesn’t actually curiosity me as it’s a pretty brief run and is pretty cutscene-heavy and has a whole lot of luck. Any% additionally doesn’t actually have any distinctive tips and has principally no ingame-time administration.


EC: Final yr you ran a Majora’s Masks TAS competitors, which concerned finishing sure duties inside the recreation whereas adhering to sure restrictions. Do you assume these competitions are a great way to hold the group lively and stop the sport turning into stale?

Eumeus: It might assist slightly, however I feel that principally comes down to individuals’s ardour for the sport. I feel the TAS competitions are a great way to get individuals interested by TASing, which may undoubtedly present some selection, particularly for individuals who primarily do RTA runs.


5) Do you assume the huge array of data being a TASer of a recreation brings provides you a bonus in Actual Time Assault runs?

Eumeus: I feel TASing undoubtedly provides a bonus for RTA. TASing helps to construct a robust understanding of the sport’s physics. It will probably additionally assist individuals higher perceive the circumstances required to make sure tips work. As an example, I used to be in a position to use TAS instruments to help my understanding of some boss key skips that I used to fail typically, and it helped me with some jumps in different video games. TASing can even assist for locating new tips. For example, I made a TAS to get the gold mud bottle from profitable the goron race, and I theorized a really troublesome means to skip climbing the ladder on the best way to get goron masks. I used to be in a position to make it work, nevertheless it was too troublesome to do in real-time. A few yr later, a couple of individuals locally managed to discover a technique to do that that was viable and constant for RTA runs.


EC: For those who might solely run (or TAS) one class of 1 recreation for the remainder of time, what wouldn’t it be, and why?

Eumeus: I might in all probability go for All Fairy Rewards in Majora’s Masks. I feel I’d go for TASing it as a result of I feel the class has plenty of potential to look very cool if it have been closely optimized. I feel the dungeons in Majora’s Masks are a number of the greatest within the Zelda collection, and All Fairy Rewards is a class that includes going into each dungeon and truly traversing it. This is essential as most classes are solely involved with reaching the boss, however there’s much more to the temples in Majora’s Masks than simply reaching the boss. Probably the most notable instance is Nice Bay Temple. The internal rooms of this temple have a really distinctive design and are actually fascinating and difficult to undergo shortly, however most classes simply skip to the temple boss with out even opening the primary door within the dungeon.

Eumeus may be discovered on their Twitch channel.


Spherical Up

The Legend of Zelda

Excessive Guidelines. kingdahl – 2:27:10

First Quest, Max Keys. rooslugs – 47:32

First Quest, Conventional Dungeon Order, Glitchless. Eunos – 33:03


Journey of Hyperlink

Any%, No OoB, 1CC. Antii85 – 59:36


Ocarina of Time

100%. zfg – four:03:24

Leap Off The Watch Tower And Die (JOTWAD). Zudu – three:25

Go House and Die%. Zudu – eight:18

Blue%. Mr_ZG – 1:49:02


Ocarina of Time: Grasp Quest

Baby Dungeons. MasterMonk1991 – 33:52

No IM/WW. MasterMonk1991 – 1:19:52


Majora’s Masks

Bug Restrict. bann_jpn – 2:42:40

Bunny Hood. 95Shade – four:20.767

Bottle Contents ~ Fairy. Cannibalx6 – four:27

Bottle Contents ~ Bug. Cannibalx6 – four:08

Bottle Contents ~ Fish. Cannibalx6 – four:16

Bottle Contents ~ Inexperienced Potion. Cannibalx6 – four:23

Bottle Contents ~ Milk. Cannibalx6 – 5:14

Bottle Contents ~ Scorching Spring Water. Cannibalx6 – eight:08


The Wind Waker

Low%. Demon9 – four:19:45


Skyward Sword

any%. keitsu – four:55:52


Tri Drive Heroes

All Ranges, Singleplayer. koopary – 2:19:51


Twilight Princess HD

All Mirror Shards. Jacquaid – three:46:36

All Dungeons. Jacquaid – four:28:23


Breath of the Wild

any%, No amiibo. Wolhaiksong – 38:28

All Towers, Flying Machine, amiibo. Iden – 1:16:19.067

Die, Fall Off a Cliff, No amiibo. Iden – three:22.867


Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Version

NG+, Co-Op, All Ranges. Locke + KevinORourke -5:08:06

NG+, Co-OP, Foremost Story. Locke + KevinORourke – three:08:09


The Last Cut up

That’s virtually all from me this week, however worry not! Right here’s some speedrunning occasions to hold you going till we meet once more.


European Speedrunning Meeting – 22nd July ~ 29th July – Unfold over 2 streams, Europe’s largest speedrunning occasion is occurring proper now! Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker are all that includes, so ensure you catch them!


The 12 Hour Problem #7 – 27th July ~ 30th July – Ever needed to find out how to speedrun? Needed to study a selected recreation, however by no means had the prospect or motivation? The 12 hour problem is a group occasion, which inspires individuals to decide up runs they’ve by no means thought-about earlier than, and in addition provides potential new runners a method in to their recreation’s group.



Midwest Speedfest – third August ~ sixth August – Elevating cash for suicide consciousness charity SAVE, this marathon opens with a Hyperlink’s Awakening 100% Reverse Boss Order run (simply slips off the tongue doesn’t it), and encompasses a Wind Waker HD All Dungeons run later within the week.


And with that, I’m off to benefit from the heat climate whereas it lasts….who am I kidding, again to the Twitch streams for me!


Euan Crombie is the host of Zelda Dungeon’s bi-weekly Zelda Speedrunning collection, Zelda Runners. He might be discovered on Twitter and Discord (Euan Crombie#9657), and he’ll be travelling over 800 miles in the middle of every week if you learn this.

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